Agrobusiness - Business - Featured - Technology - April 13, 2021

FarmHut founds a partnership with ZFU

Agritech startup FarmHut has established a partnership with Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) in order to tackle challenges that smallholder farmers face during the production process.

Smallholder farmers often lose a lot of money through wastage or, in the big open markets, by selling their produce below market value in order to just make enough to feed their families.

FarmHut is bringing its AI-powered marketplace and value offering at discounted fees to reduce the sidelining gap and ensure that smallholder farmers reach sustainable production.

Chief Executive Officer of FarmHut, Ryan Katayi said: “The partnership with the ZFU aligns with the startup’s mission and prerogative of providing the best information services and technology to farmers in Zimbabwe. This partnership will also help accelerate the uptake of technology in the farming sector.

ZFU Commodities Executive Simbarashe Muchena, expressed his optimism towards the partnership.

“ZFU is happy to be in the partnership with Farmhut which is aimed at bridging the digital gap and addressing pertinent issues like market linkages, real time information on markets and technical aspects and most importantly predictive analytics on the markets which is now very important,” Muchena said.

A few weeks ago, Farmhut also received a $US100 000 investment from the Hult Prize Foundation.


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