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Young farmers are the gateway to a prosperous, inclusive society: Mazango

This year’s Independence Day theme is imploring Zimbabwean citizens and relevant authorities to exercise determination in growing the economy.

Zimbabwe celebrated its 41st independence under the theme, “Together, growing our economy for a prosperous resilient and inclusive society.”

The nation’s agricultural activities are at the centre of the economy growth, thus the performance of agriculture is a key determinant of livelihood resilience and a prosperous economy.

In his keynote Independence day address, President Emmerson Mnangagwa called for harmonization in the agriculture sector for increased production, productivity and profitability.

“Government continues to facilitate agricultural mechanization for our farmers at affordable cost towards the success of our agricultural revolution,” President Mnangagwa said.

Speaking to BusinessMail Vice President of APEX Council for Young Farmers Associations Baldwin Mazango unpacked this year’s Independence theme in relation to the youth, agriculture and the economy.

“The Independence that we enjoy today came as a sacrifice for economic freedom, in light with this year’s theme, we now appreciate that we are at a crossroad as a country, the size of our economy is taking a positive trajectory. Thus, the time has also come for us as youth to make a positive contribution to the economy.

“We take our inspiration from the heroes that got this independence they take a conscious effort to be united as a people they did not shudder in taking a big responsibility that ushered in independence as youth in agriculture we also want to play a big part in making it a net food exporter,” Mazango said.

Through various key players in the strategic sector, Mazango believes that youth in agriculture will leave an indelible mark as far as growing a prosperous resilient economy. This will be achieved by employment creation and guaranteed food security.

“We will usher in new talent and ideas that will take agriculture ten steps forward by infusing our energy taking on board the different technological advancement that have been brought about in the agricultural field,” Mazango added.

Mazango upholds the view that government is a vital stakeholder especially in endorsing the Independence theme towards economic growth.

“The government can act as a guarantor when we sort for our own partners and funders, if we are to bring in machinery (processing plants) government can also give us something like a tax break that will result in a positive bearing in agriculture,” Mazango said.

Government is set to implement the National Accelerated Irrigation Rehabilitation, as such, Mazango is calling for government to deliberately set aside a quota for young farmers so that they can benefit from the irrigation scheme.

Because Zimbabwe has a favorable climate condition, which makes it viable for horticulture therefore young farmers can feed the produce into big markets such as China and neighboring countries which are semi-arid.

This year’s independence offer the country a chance to adopt a paradigm shift in the way we run the economy in order to move in a direction which resound with the properly chosen theme.

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