Entertainment - December 4, 2020

Mc Chita gathers enthusiasm on a new album

After 4 years of a sabbatical, Mc Chita is geared up to brew waves in the hip-hop fraternity by releasing a new album before the year ends under his new rap persona Zimbiyana Jones.

Mc Chita real name Chitariso Chiketa was born in Moscow, Russia, the son of a Zimbabwean Ambassador who spent most of his life traveling from country to country, from the United Kingdom all the way to Iran.

In an interview with Business Mail Showbiz, Mc Chita said the rap persona is his alter ego derived from three classic movies of his action hero Indiana based on him.

“The rap persona is like my alter ego and is derived from one of my action hero Indiana and his three classic movies based on him therefore will be releasing three projects based on those movies each with their own specific sound.

“The first one being Zimbiyana Jones and The Temple of Boom which is dropping at the end of this year,” Mc Chita said.

South-African based producer Tererai Kamhiriri (TRK) is behind the production for the album as well as other renowned producers such as Simba Tagz, GT Beatz, Johnny Infinite, and Maco Houdini.

“I have been on the scene just on a low key tip over the past few years with an odd single here and there but haven’t done anything in about four years, therefore this is a reminder to the world of who I am, and why the name Mc Chita holds the weight,” Mc Chita said.

“Zimbiyana Jones is in a better position in life, he is a lot wiser he has made a few moves here and there, he has been successful in his grind, has seen the mistakes Mc Chita has made and learned from them. He is more of a futuristic character rapping about present times and issues,” he said.

The album has a stellar cast of features which include Nutty O, Chengeto Brown, Asaph amongst other Zimbabwe’s finest acts.

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