Old Mutual Amazing Voices dovetails with the CCI strategy: NACZ

Pan African musical competition, Old Mutual Amazing Voices season two is set to unearth and amplify new musical talents across the continent.

With a grand prize of US$100 000 at stake, contestants from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa are ready to showcase their talent so as to win.

Speaking to BusinessMail, local Old Mutual Amazing Voices Talent Producer, gospel artist, Tembalami Tagwirei said Zimbabwe produced two great teams from Bulawayo and Harare.

“We didn’t get as many competitors coming to audition so we got what we got. It is such an honor being a talent producer for the second year running and one of the things that I appreciate is just having a platform where you can be able to see young talent to do well in their career and also to be part of something that is very inspirational to young people,” he said.

In an interview with this publication National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) Communication and Marketing Manager, Rodney Ruwende said, the Old Mutual Amazing Voices like any competition that seeks to unearth new talent the competition will with no doubt bring to the fore previously unrecognised talent.

“The advantage is that the processes that lead to the final groups that we will watch on TV involve thousands of other artists battling it out in the early stages.

“This is a good development for the sector firstly because of the impact of COVID-19 which has led to a lot of inactivities as a result of restrictions and lockdowns, and from a participant point of view, while it is a competition, it also offers artists a platform to learn how to prepare themselves from meeting and observing what others are doing,” Ruwende said.

Ruwende underlined that Old Mutual Amazing Voices ultimately benefits the creatives who will be taking part and it is a welcome move considering that most artists have been grounded by the pandemic for a year with no musical performances to earn a living.

“This dovetails with the three pillars of the Cultural Creative Industry (CCI) Strategy that was formulated by the government and launched in 2020. The three pillars include; Cultural Markets, Capacity Development and Funding, Financing and Investment.

This sponsorship will certainly increase the market share of Zimbabwean music products and services locally, and regionally as people in the participating nations view the competition. Using its tentacles the sponsorship allows for the identification of capacity gaps, develop, implement and support capacity-building programmes for CCI professionals in the music sector.

“Such sponsorships can stimulate the growth of CCIs through public and private sector investment and funding facilities as other players ride on the success of such concepts,” Ruwende said.

Meanwhile, due to COVID-19 which left an indelible mark on the CCI sector in Zimbabwe, NACZ developed Standard of Procedures for the sector to operate under during this time of restrictions and once they are approved by the government we hope the sector can reopen.

“As NACZ we hope that leaders in the sector have taken the idle time in 2020 to craft their sector and company strategies that can work hand in hand with the national strategy. Players do not act on an island and therefore aligning their strategies with the national blueprint is essential. We have witnessed various online discussions on the strategy and we hope the sector is ready to open and work with their strategies in sync with the national document,” Ruwende said.


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