Entertainment - September 25, 2020

From Chitungwiza with love

As a she was growing up, Tamy Moyo watched crafts of great musicians like Chioniso Maraire, Michael Jackson, Selmor Mutukudzi among other great musicians she admires and knew that was her destiny. No matter that all the other musicians had already made it in the industry and that she was just in her initial stages, with passion and hard work her greatness in the music career was inevitable.

Now a 22-year old singer, song writer and actress, Tamy Moyo has realized her dream, launching her first album called Celebrate Yo Lyf in 2016 and having released many singles to date. Tamy Moyo started singing at the age of seven and in the process she has performed with great musicians like Oliver Mutukudzi. Tamy Moyo is currently an award winning artist Afro RnB Artist from Zimbabwe and a NAMA Award Winner.

Born from a family that supports and understand her gift, Tamy found great inspiration from them among other musicians she grew up listening to. “My greatest inspiration came from people around me, my family they have supported me from day one, they have understood my gift”, she said. Tamy Moyo is surrounded by people who has the positive vibe of what she does and this has enhanced also her deep love for music. “I have deep love for music and creating…I love what I do”, Tamy said.

Tamy made it all the way in the music industry through her unique ways of trying to achieve her own setup goals.

With a joyous tone she said, “Inorder to achieve my own goal…I plan out,I write what I need to do down in my diary, I work well under pressure surprisingly and sometimes I am a bit tough to myself, I have an amazing team who helps me to keep track of the things that needs to be done”. The young lady in music is very prayerful and it is her other recipe for greatness. “I pray about the things I need to achieve and always work towards achieving bigger”, she posited.

According to Tamy Moyo, in every industry you venture into there are too many successes as well as setbacks. For her the music industry has brought successes equitable to challenges. Her greatest success is consistently working hard with her team and being party of the beauty festival in South Africa last year. However, being female is the most challenge she faces in the field. She said, “…being female sometimes it’s an advantage but it’s mostly a disadvantage. This industry is male dominated and females are hardly taken seriously so I work ten times harder than my male counterparts for whatever platform I would want to be on”.

Despite the challenge of being a female trying to excel in the music industry, Tamy has indeed came out successful in the industry. In order to overcome the challenges she face she works harder. “I work hard, I try to prove to myself that I am capable before I prove it to anyone else, the craft will speak for itself. I stay prayed up because I believe that things we do aren’t by our power but there is a greater power above. I believe in God so I stay prayed up”, she said. As a result Tamy has managed to overcome the challenges the music industry presents.

“I find it difficult to want to pursue a social life as those of my age would do because obviously out there , there is someone who watches you somewhere”, Tamy said explaining that she does not have much of  a social life outside of her work and family. “Those close to me are within my work circles which is pretty safe for me because sometimes people fail to separate that”, she said.

All in all, Tamy Moyo’s hard work, passion and love for what she does, inner belief and belief in the Most High God has granted her success in the music industry. To date she is undeniably Zimbabwe’s musical bombshell having spread her wings to different parts of the world.

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