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The spirit of an artist lives in me: Mungoshi Jnr

The literary fraternity was robbed off a veteran author Charles Mungoshi who died two years ago on 16 February.

Beyond the grave, the Mungoshi’s name is living through the notable works of his namesake, Charles Mungoshi Junior (Jnr) and the family.

Presenting at a writers’ forum dubbed “Writers Without Borders,” Mungoshi jnr revealed that to some extent the works of his late father inspired him to be a published author and also have interests in publishing Consultancy.

“Growing up my father told me I should read books. I only began to appreciate him when I was older and I began to understand what he was trying to show me. The spirit of an artiste actually lives in me.

“As much as I have done a lot of things in my life, the moment I put my hand onto a paper to write that is the moment that I felt I had achieved something. There is nothing that brings me satisfaction as writing something down,” said Mungoshi jnr.

Mungoshi Jnr was initiated into the bookish world by his father in 2008 and only published his debut book Candlelight Thoughts under Mungoshi Press in 2013.

“Candlelight Thoughts is a collection of thoughts that I wrote over a period of three years, most of my work is self-help, I chose that direction because of the fact that a lot of negative things are happening in our times and I realized that reading is mostly for people to assist themselves, how to be somewhere and someone,” said Mungoshi.

Through his publishing Consultancy, Mungoshi Jnr addresses the greatest predicaments most writers face of choosing between being self-published and traditional publishing.

These publishing dilemmas are usually owed to creative control, royalties and making it into the mainstream.

“With our publishing Consultancy our main focus is self-publishing, the writer finances the, typeset, editing and assessing of the manuscript and give 100% rights of the work to the writer,” Mungoshi said.

Mungoshi Jr is behind the success of best-sold book of 2020 Shut up and make money, written by Zim Hip hop artiste Mudiwahood and they have sold over 1000 copies in November and December.

To date, Mungoshi Jnr has 8 publications and his main focus is to ensure that art gets the right place it deserves in the nation of Zimbabwe.

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