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Government steps up Vehicle Inspectorate Department Centres digiltalisation program

In a move to curb corruption, government is intensifying the establishment of Electronic Learner’s Licence Testing System following the recent launch in Masvingo.

The key features of the new systems include a bank with 1000 questions which are randomly selected during the test coupled with effective data caption, which is electronically transmitted to other traffic and transport management agencies such as the Central Vehicle Registry.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Felix Mhona said the project will enhance road safety and contribute towards the reduction of road accidents.

“Research shows that 90 percent of road accidents are a result of human error, which is why it is our goal to reduce road accidents by more than 10 percent annually by providing effective driver training and testing with the assistance of the Vehicle Inspectorate Department, which plays a critical role in the promotion of road safety,” Mhona said.

In an interview with BusinessMail, Safety Driving Training School Chief Executive Officer, Prosper Dowa has hailed the adaptation of the technological revolution by the ministry because of the advantages that comes with it.

“We are in the right direction and we commend the Government for moving to address this cancer.  However, we need to find a way of weeding out the fake drivers who are on our roads, these people have fake licences and are causing mayhem.

“These people are only exposed when they are involved in accidents but surely there must be a way of plucking them out before the unfortunate happens,” Dowa said.

In the quest of embracing the new normal and complimenting government efforts, Safety Driving Training School has an online portal which has information, questions and answers pertaining driving.

“We do web based lessons and online tutorials. It’s as good as zoom and students can join from all over,” Dowa said.

The whole package is convenient since prospective students can pay using mobile applications such as Ecocash.

Digitalizing eliminates cases where aspiring drivers are damaged by literature that is unverified and misleading.

“We need to move away from a situation where photocopied learner manuals are sold by the street corner.

“After seeing that clients were duped off their hard earned cash through some question and answer books that had no author and some applications which are also not from reputable driving schools trained by Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe, we computerized our services,” Dowa said.

Five of the 23 Vehicle Inspectorate Department Centres across the country are now using the Electronic Learner’s Licence Testing System.








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