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AAG to host conference for indigenisation, economic empowerment act relaunch

Tendai Bhebe (Bulawayo Correspondent)

Empowerment lobby group, the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) is set to host a conference dinner today, at the Holiday Inn, Bulawayo to relaunch the indigenisation and economic empowerment act.

The act is expected to benefit both the public and private sector to ensure there is a marked improvement in the ease of doing Business as well as promotion of investment opportunities.

In an interview, with Dr Chamu Chiwanza past immediate president said indigenisation and empowerment is paramount to any society in Africa as it builds its economy.

“The objectives of the conference is a relaunch of the indigenisation and empowerment act. Indigenisation and empowerment is back as the modified version if you want to call it that way.
Indeginisation and empowerment is paramount to any society in Africa,”he said.

Dr Chiwanza added that the country has worked hard to empower people.

“And Zimbabwe has made serious milestones in empowering its people. This is the only country in Africa which owns its land its indigenous people were given land that’s a massive milestone as empowerment is concerned. And our people are now in mainstream businesses.

There are of course hardships because the economy is likely informalised but it’s an achievement because businesses are slowly owned by our local people,” Dr Chiwanza added.

He said lack of funding has affected the mainstream business.

” The challenges are that our people still lack funding in the mainstream business,” he said.

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