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Thrills as Amateur Golf Championship rolls out

The Zimbabwe Golf Association (ZGA) has caught up golf fanatics in Zimbabwe by running the Amateur Golf Championship with the Mawegu Amateur scheduled to run this weekend at Kadoma Golf Club.

The Association is the controlling body of all male amateur golf in Zimbabwe. It is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote golfing excellence at all levels and across all social classes without regard whatsoever to the racial, political, religious, gender or moral persuasion or affiliation of its members, and strives to ensure the observance and maintenance of discipline and the traditions of Golf.

Last weekend, ZGA ran the Masvingo Amateur Golf Championship attracting 37 Zimbabwe Golfers and Clifford Sibanda walked away with the highest points.

Ephraim Mashingaidze, ZGA communications officer told BusinessMail that Mawegu Amateur Golf Championship will tee from 12-13 June 2021.

“Mawegu means Mashonaland West Golf Union.The preparations are going a gear up and we are expecting all the top amateur golfers in Zimbabwe to battle for national order of merit points which will enable them to represent Zimbabwe National Golf Team.

Provincial Amateur Tournaments are not mainly about prizes that you get ; it’s about that you earn or accumulate for you to be able to represent Zimbabwe National Golf Team,” he said.

The ZGA holds the Amateur Golf Championship in Zimbabwean six provinces making it easier for the association to select five players to represent the Zimbabwe National Golf Team.

In their bid to spread golf around the nation, ZGA have also partnered with the Sportswriters Association of Zimbabwe (SWAZ) and will organise two skills development workshops for sports journalists and broadcasters.

“Zimbabwe Golfers Association is working in conjunction with the Sports Writers Association of Zimbabwe where will conduct media workshops in a bid to improve, upgrade how our journalists, photographers and broadcasters understand the game of golf to improve their ability to interpret the results at a golf tournament. When this is achieved, journalists become part of us and we become part of them. This will benefit both ends especially for golf. It will greatly assist, help, demystify the challenges we have as the sport of golf in the country, the region, the continent. So we will be having a media workshop in Bulawayo on the 11th of June and in Harare on Tuesday 22 June,” said Mashingaidze.

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