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WoSA march for economic freedom

Hundreds of women across South Africa’s nine provinces will take part in the streets in a march to demand inclusion in the country’s mainstream economy, Business Mail can report.

This comes after, South Africa and other African countries are not involving women to participate in the mainstream economies.

The Women of South Africa (WoSA) movement will march to place women’s economic freedom on to agenda.

The march is taking place on Friday 04 December 2020 across the country will be held under the banner of the women’s lobby movement, Women of South Africa (WoSA), and see groups of women per province embark on a simultaneous demonstration to raise various issues which are holding back their ability to participate meaningfully in the country’s economy.

“Participants of the march will include ordinary members of the society and formations in the political, social, religious, business and NGO spheres.

“Through this march, the Women of South Africa, say to both the government and the private sector; we demand decisive action to ensure that more women are involved in economic participation,” WoSA spokesperson, Staff Sithole said.

Sithole further emphasized that WoSA is engaging like-minded organizations across the country and the continent to join the march “our challenges as South African women are their challenges as African women”.

“As women, we need to push for a shift in the narrative of our role in the economy. We have to work hard to reshape the ‘victim’ narrative and encourage more women to demand their place in the South African economy,” she said.

The march is planned to take place in all 9 Provinces.

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