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Diversifying, key to business growth: Optimus Motors

DIVERSIFICATION, discipline and great customer service have been the thriving strategy for Optimus Motors Private Limited which was founded in 2012 by Wilson Chimbuya and Blessing Katsenga.

Optimus motors is one of the leading company in the automotive repair, panel beating, Ford Ranger parts sale, insurance and vehicle towing services.

Optimus workshop.

Speaking to Business Mail, Chimbuya said, “I used to work in the motor industry that is where I got inspiration to start my own venture.”

Optimus motors managed to stand through despite the volatile state of economy.

“We have been affected with inconsistent changes of monetary policies since we started operating however we would like to applaud the RBZ foreign currency system as it has somehow stabilized the economy as well as our operating environment through the foreign currency auction system,” added Chimbuya.

The country’s economic crisis has led to lack of economic growth in the formal sector. This has been due to less production in industries; a resultant of lack of foreign investment, foreign currency problems, monetary policies and the cash crisis.

Ford Ranger before being panel beated.

These limitations have generated the rise of small and medium enterprises in the informal sector.

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum as such, Optimus Motors is aware of its operating environment therefore it strives to prevail that.

“There is always a new player in town therefore to maintain our customer base we are always loyal and we treat our customers with value by offering competitive prices, keeping a consistent customer and service provider communication and selling genuine parts,” Chimbuya said.

To date, Optimus Motors have one branch which is in Harare though there are prospects to open branches in Bulawayo and Rusape which is the visionary’s hometown.





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