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Govt to introduce harsh laws on sports betting

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa announced that the government is going to launch a Sports Bill that deals with sports betting manipulation, doping and illegal sports betting.

This comes after Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation minister Kirty Coventry has made proposal to the Cabinet to enforce clean sporting activities in the country including  the system of sports betting that has  manipulated.

Speaking on the State of the Nation Address this week President Mnangagwa said that the government is going introduce laws for sports betting.

“The government is going to launch a Sports Bill that deals with competition manipulation doping and illegal sports betting,” President Mnangagwa said.

The Bill will provide for the elimination of sport corruption, doping, competition manipulation and illegal sports betting among other vices.

A survey by this publication reveals that sports betting shops, casinos and lottery gaming are cropping up rapidly in the country’s major urban centers as punters strive to make money and satisfy their growing desires for gaming and gambling.

Mashonaland Bookmakers Association (MBA) chairman Richard Moor, secretary general Mercy Msipa in joint statement applauded the government decision to enact the sports betting bill.

“It is a positive initiative by the government and we greatly welcome it as it both protects us and the general public,” Moor said.

“It is necessary to regulate the sports betting bill it helps to protect the public. Anyone operating outside the regulations is a threat to both legally licensed Bookmakers and the community at large”, Msipa said.

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