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Standard Bank recognised as best bank in Africa

Leading financial services provider across Africa, Standard Bank Group has been named the best bank in Africa in the Global Finance’s 28th annual awards for the World’s Best Banks.

Standard Bank is more than just a bank with the purpose to drive Africa’s growth. They are a catalyst for inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the countries we operate and they make life better for Africans by doing business the right way.

This year’s Global Finance awards were mainly recognising the ways in which banks were able to assist clients and societies through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Finance Editorial Finance said winners at this year’s awards were those banks that were adapted to the ever-evolving customer needs that were accelerated by the pandemic and were also able to lay down strong foundations for future endevaours and success.

“Banks are playing a key role in economic recovery around the world. Our Best Bank awards highlight the leaders in restoring growth and mapping a way forward. This year’s evaluations are more important and valuable than at any point in their 28-year history, given the unprecedented economic conditions wrought by the global pandemic, ”he said.

This year’s awards selections were done by the Global Finance Editorial team and they considered growth in assets, profitability, geographic reach, strategic relationships, new business development and innovation in products.

For Standard Bank, The Ugandan and the South African divisions were also recognised as the best banks in their markets.

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