Business - Featured - March 4, 2021

USAID to invest in agro-business in Southern Africa

The Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships (MSP) Southern Africa Agricultural Trade and Investment Activity managed by DAI on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Southern Africa Regional Mission, is offering businesses in southern Africa an opportunity to co-invest with USAID.

This is set to increase agricultural trade from regional countries to South Africa, agricultural investment from South Africa to the region; and agricultural exports from southern African countries to the United States through the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

In a statement, MSP said, to achieve these objectives, USAID, through MSP, will issue performance-based grants to establish partnerships with businesses and investors with a required matching investment of equal or greater value.

“MSP will leverage South Africa’s advanced economy and financial system to support mutually beneficial trade and investment in the southern African region, or to the United States. MSP will increase the value and quality of products traded in the region and therefore increase incomes for producers,” read the statement.

Partnership grants will be implemented over no more than a 24-month period and may not extend past June 2023 and MSP performance-based grants are ranging from US $250,000- US$1,000,000.

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