Look East Tigers wins the KITFT Championships of 2020

Kariba International Tiger Fishing Tournament (KITFT) the greatest and oldest freshwater fighting gamefish marked 59 years since its inception with Look East Tigers crowned the 2020 winners.

The Look East Tigers team was sponsored by Swift, Massey Ferguson, Caterpillar, Trentyre, Scania, and Akripos Capital.

They bagged the title with a total of 68 kg of fish during a three day held on 18,19 and 20 November.

In an interview with Business Mail, Hamish Rudland who is a shareholder at Swift said that the fishing was tough this year due to widespread illegal netting and lake levels reducing an indication that the fish populations are under threat.

As perceived over the past decade there has been a decline in the number of fish caught at the tournament because tiger fish is a predator that is always at the apex, it is also highly vulnerable to overfishing and netting.

“The tigerfish needs our protection for it to remain a viable species within the ecosystem and we commend KITFT for introducing the Keepnet Application since it was a huge success because 80% of the fish caught at the tournament were successfully released back into the water unharmed,” said Rudland.

The tourism sector which has been on its knees due to COVID-19 can also be revived by Kariba Tourism because KITFT is a showcase of the lake and what it can offer.

“The downstream benefits of the KITFT to local tourism and communities around Kariba are massive as well as the conservation of the Tigerfish and its natural habitat,” Rudland said.

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