Economic Updates - Featured - Top Stories - October 8, 2021

Second Republic buoyed up by the upward growth trajectory of the economy

President E.D Mnangagwa has commended Zimbabweans across all sectors of the economy for rallying together and playing their respective part towards the realisation of Vision 2030.
President ED made the remarks on the occasion of the state of nation address and the opening of the fourth session of the ninth parliament of Zimbabwe.

The President said the increased production, productivity, innovation and positive ingenuity are inspiring many, especially the youth to work harder to reach their full potential for the ultimate prosperity of our nation.

“As we reflect on the State of our Nation, let us therefore, individually and collectively re-commit to serve our mother country wholeheartedly, towards an improved quality of life for all and lasting development which leaves no one and no place behind,” President ED said.

The Second Republic is buoyed by the upward growth trajectory of the economy. This year’s projections indicate an over 7.8% economic growth.

“The higher predictions are premised on the good 2020/21 agriculture season; firm international mineral commodity prices, stable inflation and exchange rate as well as the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The financial sector is stable with the foreign currency auction performing well and accessed by both large and small to medium size businesses,” President ED said.

He reaffirmed Government’s commit to ensure that the platform is adequately resourced and that the relevant authorities enhance efficiencies within the system.

In agriculture, Government will timely implement programmes that will immensely benefitting the sector.

He said: “The focus of the multi-pronged programmes now seeks to increase rural per capita incomes while also improving household food security and nutrition. The increased number of young people undertaking thriving farming businesses throughout the country is applauded. This new crop of young farmers assure us that the land which we fought for, will remain in safe hands, for posterity.”

President ED exhorted all farmers to ensure the timely preparation for the 2021/2022 agriculture season.




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