Business - Featured - Technology - February 24, 2021

Liquid Telecom launches US$600 million bond to scale operations

Telecommunications Financing PLC, part of the leading pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom, has launched a US$600 million bond to use to refinance debt and scale it’s operations.

Liquid Telecom owns more than 70 000km of fibre in 13 countries including Zimbabwe and runs data centres as well as satellite Earth operations.

This recently launched bond has already gotten some attention by way of private investment company Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, (EAIF), a subsidiary of Liquid Telecom which has already committed to buying up US$50 million of the bond.

EAIF Investment Dirrector of Ninety One has said EAIF will also be a bond issuer for the purchase of more of Liquid Telecom‘s US$600 million bond.

“EAIF, acting through its agent Ninety-One SA (Pty) Ltd, along with The International Finance Corporation (IFC), have committed to place orders to purchase up to an aggregate US$178 million in the New Note Offering,” he said.

Last year, the EAIF supported Africa’s telecoms sector like the Senegalese telecom’s company Helios and Sonatel’s bond issue. EAIF also loaned US$40 million to West Indian Cable Company (WIOCC) as part of the telco’s corporate development programme.

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