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Teachers call for review of their working conditions 

Zimbabwean teachers joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Teachers day yesterday, amid the uninspiring working conditions.

World Teachers’ Day is observed annually on 5 October and this year it was celebrated under the theme, “Teachers at The Heart of Education Recovery.”

In an interview with BusinessMail, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) deputy secretary Munyaradzi Masiyiwa appealed to the government to address the dire working conditions that teachers are exposed to.

“Today marks world teachers day and it is sad that we have teachers who are living in structures which are sub-standard. The government continues to turn a deaf ear to grievances of teachers at this moment in time. Our salaries have been eroded to less than 50% of the Total Consumption Poverty Line (TCPL) due to inflation and dollarisation.

“The fact that the economy has dollarised means that teachers are now technically out of the trade chain. It has to be noted that teachers’ demands are basic, we demand restoration of our pre-october 2018 salaries,” Masiyiwa said.

Mayisiwa also placed emphasis on the need to review allowances such as rural, housing and transport allowances so as to cater for the rise in the cost of basic welfare issues.

“Teachers can only serve and be at the heart of recovery of education if issues of their material concerns are addressed and they are adequately motivated.

“The teacher is an important stakeholder hence views, suggestions and opinions of teachers concerning issues like our curriculum need to be taken seriously,” Masiyiwa said.





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