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ARDA accelerates its transformative exercise

By Staff Reporter

The Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) has embarked on a transformative rebranding exercise and refocussed its mandate to its clients and stakeholders.

It has completed its restructuring exercise and is now undergoing transformation to establish itself as a vehicle for national food, feed, fibre and biofuels security.

Chief Executive Officer of ARDA, Tinotenda Mhiko said the organisation is  cognisant of the important role that Agriculture and Agro Industry Development plays not only for the sustenance of livelihoods at household level, but to the economic development of our country at large.

“In line with our new mandate, the current trajectory is to establish ARDA as a vehicle for national food, feed, fibre and biofuels security anchored on the following two anchor pillars rural development and Industrialisation.

“Agriculture and Agro-Industry Development While driving these pillars, our objective is to ensure self-sustenance across all our operations countrywide and to lead by farming at our own administered Estates, Rural Irrigation Schemes and other Rural Development Projects,” Mhiko said.

The parastatal has embraced and deployed robust strategies to achieve quick-win solutions through smart agricultural practices to boost productivity and production in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner.

“The Authority is also setting up comprehensive Rural Irrigation Schemes and community development projects and the main focus is to ensure Scheme Business viability and sustainability. The objective is to run the Irrigation Schemes and community development projects as businesses under the management of ARDA resident Scheme Business Managers,” Mhiko said.

The current rebranding exercise will therefore re-position ARDA as an integral player in the agriculture and agro industry sector by introducing new products and services for farmers across the value chain.

“ARDA will always remain indebted for the invaluable support from the Government as our shareholder. This will no doubt drive the concerted efforts being undertaken for import substitution and to re-establish Zimbabwe as the bread basket of Africa.

“Our commitment, going forward, is to re-capacitate all our ARDA Estates and revive all the 450 Rural Irrigation Schemes and other community development projects to maximise on production for national food, feed, fibre and bio-fuels security and have excess to export and generate the much-needed foreign currency,” Mhiko.

ARDA’s new product range will see the deployment of technology and innovations that will see farmers benefiting from the yield output, value addition and access to markets at very competitive prices.

This will go a long way in stimulating economic growth in associated processing and downstream industries.

“Further to that, the Authority is geared towards establishing rural agro-processing plants in all strategic locations to guarantee markets and promote value addition and beneficiation of produce. This would ensure development and industrialisation of marginalised rural communities,” he said.


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