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Farmhut receives a $US100 000 seed capital investment

An Artificial Intelligence powered marketplace connecting farmers, Farmhut has received a $US100 000 investment from the Hult Prize Foundation through the Hult Prize accelerator program that they were part of.

In a statement, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Farmhut, Ryan Katayi said the investment sets as a stage for the company to take a revolutionary solution to the rest of the world.

“This investment is not just for Farmhut, it goes to all the farmers toiling every day to put a meal on the table.

“The team shares the same sentiments and extends their heartfelt gratitude to the Hult Prize for giving them a chance to disrupt the agricultural value chain in Zimbabwe and abroad,” Katayi said.

Farmhut Team also launched its new user-friendly and easy to access platform that lets farmers sell directly to consumers. To add on, the Farmhut Team is launching a WhatsApp based chatbot, uMdhumeni.

“That will address the connectivity challenge most farmers in Zimbabwe face. Farmers will now be able to sign up to the Farmhut platform, learn about farming, receive quotations and get the help of virtual agronomists,” Katayi said.

Farmhut is also playing a pivotal role in helping farmers from the production sector up to the distribution of their products preventing post-harvest losses.

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