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Gvt tightens screws on inputs access under Command agric

Stern measures have been put in place for one to access inputs under the command agriculture programme to weed out farmers who were abusing the Agro-Yield Programme at the expense of genuine farmers.

Farmers are now required to repay 80 percent of their debt for previously accessed inputs to get a new contract so as to eliminate unscrupulous dealers who accessed inputs under the CBZ Agro-Yield (Command Agriculture) programme for resale.

CBZ Agro-Yield Managing Director Walter Chigodora said the financial institution had noted the trend where farmers collect inputs and sell them to pay back loans without farming.

“And we have also noted several cases where a family would get inputs in the father’s name and sell. The same family would use the mother or wife to come to sign a new contract so that they will get inputs and sell again, this we will not tolerate. We want to give inputs to real and serious farmers that we can trace,” Chigondora said.

The CBZ-Agro-Yield Programme has so far contracted 72 000 hectares out of the 108 000 approved by Agritex.

“We are recruiting farmers with five hectares and above, the recruitment is now different we are dealing with agritex who will vet the calibre of the farmer. All new farmers to the programme will go through this. So the rate of repayment is expected to be contained with those who defaulted risking losing their offer letters,” he added.


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