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Zim Hip Hop artistes strike a chord against COVID-19

Zimbabwe Hip Hop artistes in all ten provinces have created an awareness campaign on the COVID-19 vaccination campaign through an album titled ‘The vaccine.’

The album is laden with eight themes which include: COVID-19 is not a hoax, COVID-19 is infectious, prayer as method to stop the virus, emotional reaction and disruption of everyday activities, verbally expelling the virus, call for unity and collective efforts as well as inspiring hope.

Zim Hip hop National Society public relations officer, Russell Chawabvunza said the album seeks to play its part in curbing the spread of COVID-19 through raising awareness.

“There have been urgent calls to find innovative ways to increase awareness about COVID-19 and this album with lyrics in English, Nyanja, Namibia, Shona and Ndebele seeks to achieve such by reflecting the multilingual population in Zimbabwe,” Chawabvunza said.

Chawabvunza highlighted that the tracks seek to heal souls and eliminate fear generated by the pandemic in people and the emotional reactions to disruptions in social and economic activities.

“The strategic aim of the organisation is to unite Zim Hip Hop as one unit. This entails uniting all the country’s provinces into one body and making Zim Hip Hop a well respected genre by spreading positive messages.

“On this project, we managed to join forces with producers, artistes and video directors from every province, something which will see a DVD being released in the next fortnight,” Chawabvunza said.

The album is set to resonate with listeners’ deepest emotions, their loves and loses.



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