Entertainment - Featured - December 16, 2020

Dollarbill Entertainment supports domestic tourism

ZIMBABWE’S growing local entertainment company, Dollarbill Entertainment Limited will hold a 2020 shutdown party on 31st of December in Kariba with the aim of reviving domestic tourism, BusinessMail Showbiz can report.

The tourism sector is one of the sectors that has been affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 losing US$1 billion.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has called on stakeholders in the sector to work towards promoting domestic tourism.

The 2020 shutdown part is going to be memorable a lifetime experience that includes a 3-hour boat cruise, speed boating skiing among many others.

Speaking to the BusinessMail, DollarBill Entertainment Representative Biggie Katuka said the shutdown will revive the town with various forms of entertainment from mid-day till the dawn of the new year of 2021.

“Kariba Lake Dam is special, a place of stunning beauty that has been nature lovers’ dream for decades if, not centuries.

“I come from Kariba and as a patriotic Kariba-born child, I will always do anything that will push my home time since tourism is core in Kariba.

Making people travel to enjoy Kariba as a holiday destination will not help only the tourists but even the residents there,” he said.

The event will stand guided by the government and WHO Covid-19 regulations, Katuka said.

For accommodation, merrymakers would have to part away with a reasonable fee.

“We have set our accommodation fees at US$120 for a single bed and breakfast and US$150 for double bed and breakfast and these fees include the entrance fee.

“For those who would just want to grace the event without accommodation the entrance fee is US$10 for adults and half the price for kids,” he added.


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