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MTF, a progressive development in the African film industry: Chigorimbo

In the face of the many hurdles of the past year, the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Academy’s Class of 2020 has graduated at last, bringing 60 trained new professionals into the African pool of film-making talent.

MultiChoice Talent Factory which is in its second year of running is a shared value initiative that imparts a platform for the creative industries to develop their talent and engage with one another through their shared passions.

Publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, Liz Dziva, highlighted that the international Covid-19 crisis had impacted on the training of the students recruited for the 2019-2020 MTF Academy year, but with a range of innovations and a good deal of positivity, the training had been completed and the students graduated on Tuesday April 6.

“We believe that Africa’s creative industries are custodians of the continent’s cultural heritage and as one of Africa’s most important storytellers, MultiChoice has helped develop and invest in African talent through initiatives such as MTF.

“Like the previous academy Class of 2019, the Class of 2020 did well throughout their course and give us reason to be pleased and impressed,” Dziva said.

Two Zimbabweans were among the students of the Lusaka-based academy for Southern Africa. They are Nelson Madzima and Nkosilesisa Ncube.

In an interview with BusinessMail, veteran actor, script writer and acclaimed film director Stephen Chigorimbo commended the role played by MultiChoice Talent factory in developing the Zimbabwean film industry and beyond.

“The MultiChoice Talent factory has been one of the most progressive developments as far as  developing African film crew and cast, ever since new directions when the talent factory developed, it launched the African film maker on a new trajectory.

“We are able to tell our own stories on a platform that we know has got a footprint on the whole continent,” Chigorimbo said.

To make African film viable Chigorimbo underlined that there is need for relevant authorities in the film sector to cease viewing filming as a pastime. He implored local authorities to promote, develop and fund storytelling through filming.

“Industrial leaders have always thought of  storytelling  as something that we do when  we have nothing to do they overlook two very important aspects that storytelling has always been more than just something you do when you have nothing else to do because it has always meant that you have to learn something  in a manner that makes it interesting.

“When that happens, people have been engaged professionally to do that, storytelling has always been a major industry,” Chigorimbo added.

He applauded the two Zimbabwean MTF graduates and acknowledged how MultiChoice has made use of its vast experience since its establishment to train future young filmmakers.

“When we get young people training, they have been given an opportunity to use the versatility of MultiChoice to prepare them to be able to reach the audiences and put together projects that resonates with our audience and the needs of our society we believe that the Zimbabwean film industry will be enriched by the graduates of MTF.

“My advice to the recently graduated creatives is that welcome to the industry where there can never be a sign saying no jobs, the creative industry has no limit the beautiful thing is that television is a big consumer of our products and it runs 24 hours to satisfy our consumers which means the jobs are endless. The beauty of our industry is that the same story can be told in different ways and still look like it’s something that has never been seen before,” Chigorimbo said.






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