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From books to music: Mambo

Rose Mambo is a female gospel artiste born on the 11th of October 1978. She grew up in Bulawayo and attended Lukanyiso Primary School for her primary education and Mpopoma High, Wanezi mission and Inyathi High School for her secondary education. She attained a degree in Politics and Administration, a Master degree in Public Administration and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Zimbabwe. She also holds two diplomas from the Institute of Personnel Management of Zimbabwe. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Peace, Leadership and Governance with Africa University and she is also a Labour practitioner.

Her musical career began in 2003 when she released her first album titled Kufamba na Jesu which was produced by Misheck Mahendere and Jabulani Ndhlovu. On the same project, she worked with Jonathan Mugazi who played the keyboards.

In 2007, she released an album titled Mazuva. On the same album she featured Sam Mtukudzi on the title track Mazuva where he played the acoustic guitar and the alto saxophone. She also featured Patience Musa on the song Ndinokudai contained in the same album. The album was produced by Jairos Hambahamba.

In 2016 she released a single called Kuita Kwake which featured Alexio Kawara and the song was also part of the album called Haashanduke released in 2017. She has also featured Amai Shingisai Suluma on a single called NaMwari which was produced by Cornelius Muponda. She has also worked with Mathias Mhere on a song titled Mufaro and the song is yet to be released. In 2020, she released  UManqoba where she featured Mehluli Moyo (Taz) and the song was produced by Cornelius Muponda and has a video which was directed by Umsebenzi Blaqs. Rose has also worked with DJ Tamuka on two songs namely Handitenderedzeke and Lujulile. Lujulile is her latest release and is also accompanied by a video directed by Umsebenzi Ka Blaqs. Rose is married and is a mother of two and also enjoys going  to the gym.

Rose Mambo’s inspiration and favourite musician is Amai Shingisai Suluma. “Her music and her personality contributed to my self-realization of wanting to become a musician. She is one woman I admire and look up to and it’s a great honour for me to have worked with her in one of my collaborative efforts”, she posited.

According to Rose Mambo art itself and the ability to be creative and coming up with music that not only impacts on the song writer or performer but gets to have a positive impact on other people is her greatest motivation to venture into the music industry. “I find the music industry impacting significantly on people in many aspects including giving hope, providing a soothing effect and being used for celebratory purposes. Music is vital and also plays an important role in our communities and the various spaces that we find ourselves in. I therefore do not regret being part of the music industry as I also get an opportunity to impact meaningfully and being an inspiration on other people”, she said.

Being excited and passionate about what you do is another simple recipe for success. For Rose Mambo, her liking and passion for music that gave me the zeal to venture into music. “Composing music, getting to record to the point of coming up with visuals for the music is not an easy process. It requires connecting with the right people, resources and creating time especially for someone who is not a full time musician like myself. The passion and the determination will always make it achievable despite the hurdles”, said Rose Mambo.

According to Rose Mambo passion and zeal makes her achieve her own setup goals. When you are passionate about something, the dream never dies. Rose Mambo is indeed a hardworking lady who is determined to achieve her own goals despite the challenges presented to her. “Yes you will fall sometimes or face hurdles along the way but the zeal will help you soldier on. That together with the discipline I instil in myself does help in setting goals and achieving them. This year I said to myself I was going to record songs and even do visuals for them. Have released to singles with the second one Lujulile being released during Covid 19 which posed challenges for people to achieve their goals. Am therefore grateful that I was able to set that goal and still was able to achieve it amid the challenges posed by covid 19”, she said.

Music is something that I get to learn every day and I still have a lot to learn. However getting to compose songs,  releasing the music accompanied by good visuals and having the music impact positively on other people has been my greatest success. Rose Mambo is not a full time musician as she has other full time commitments like family, studies and work. “Having to delay releasing music has been my greatest setback in the past as I had to go for months or even years without managing to have a musical project sailing through. Am however happy to say in 2020 I have really tried to create the balance and have been able to stick to my goals in terms of coming up with music and releasing it. And I intend to stick to these goals going forward”, Rose Mambo said showing how she has managed to overcome her greatest setback in the year of 2020.

“The advice I would like to give to those that aspire to venture into music is get out of the shell and decide on the message that they want to share to the world, record and market themselves. Good marketing strategies like proper use of social media and digital platforms is also critical. We are still trying to master this art. There is also need for building networks and learning from those who came before us”, she advised.

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