Business - Featured - Mining - December 1, 2020

Mining sector plans to curb youth unemployment

THE mining sector projects to create employment for the youth as the country has a huge, highly diversified mineral resource base which presents vast empowerment opportunities for the youth, Business Mail can report.

Speaking at Young Miners Federation Indada held in Harare last week, Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation director for youth development Elias Murinda said that Zimbabwe has plenty of minerals resources that need maximum utilisation.

“Zimbabwe has plenty of mineral sources, it has not been deriving maximum benefit from the reserves since it has been largely exporting the minerals in raw form,” Murinda said.

“There is need for the country to derive maximum benefits from its mineral resources by adding value through for example diamond processing and jewelry making.”

“The country’s constitution respects the empowerment, employment creation for the youths,” he said.

“Government will review vocational and training skills development so as to provide relevant courses such as introducing mining course in mining areas.”

“Establishment of fully equipped common centers with gold and chrome extraction equipment will be part of the broad-based economic empowerment programme for youth in mining,” he added.

“Employment will therefore be created in professional trades such as geologists, metallurgists, technicians along with the mining chain value.”

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