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Rated 18 Shoes: A brand that crowns other women

Women continue to be celebrated because of their tremendous efforts in modeling a more equal future especially during these unprecedented times of the novel pandemic of Coronavirus.

This year’s edition of International Women’s Day acclaim women such as the phenomenal Natsai Musarurwa who together in a mix of her love for shoes and desire to help people founded a company called Rated 18 Shoes.

The celebrations run under the theme, “Women in leadership achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 World.”

In an exclusive interview with BusinessMail, Musarurwa divulged that her entrepreneurial journey was fueled by her passion, experience, skills and zeal to pose an impact on young women.

“Rated 18 Shoes is a brand that empowers child marriage survivors through employment and education. We exclusively employ women who are subjected to child marriage to make our shoes and the aim around that is to give them a source of income.

“A lot of them when they get married off as children they have to drop out of school and they are not able to get a basic education as a result of that it is difficult for them to get gainful employment when they are older so we are basically trying to cover that gap by providing them with employment and a steady income so that they are able to support themselves and their families,” said Musarurwa.

Musarurwa defied the adversities posed by the Covid-19 induced lockdown by founding her company in 2020, amidst the peak of the novel pandemic.

“I understood that obviously because of the pandemic that would probably limit the speed at which we can grow which was not necessarily a bad thing because that also gives us the room and flexibility to learn and make mistakes without it being a catastrophe, Rated 18 is still very new and lockdown slowed down certain things, we are delayed but not denied,” Musarurwa said.

Rated 18 Shoes is a combination of a purpose driven and profits entity, the profits are used to render impact on child marriage survivors’ community because there is a complimentary between those two elements, the more profits that are made, the more people that are helped.

“I have always wanted to make sure that whatever career that I pursue it’s something that I find fulfilling and enjoy. Running a business is something that I genuinely have fun with and being able to combine that   with basically improving lives and that makes it easier to fuse the philanthropy and business side,” she added.

Besides her passion, Musarurwa’s journey as an entrepreneur has been fostered by comprehensive market research and networking.

“With the research that I was doing, there is definitely growing demand for ethical fashion, so this is something that I came randomly across a fashion show that I was watching. People are demanding products that are eco-friendly, not a demise to our environment and contribute towards the betterment of communities and human lives around the world.

“From my experience, when you know the right people it definitely does help and ensuring those people understand the value that you bring to the table. I built my network and managed to work with some prominent societies in the world which has helped my name and professional capacity, people are happy to refer me and through those referrals my network grows,” said Musarurwa.

Musarurwa is also the brains behind Amras communications which she founded in 2017.




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