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Govt embarks on third phase of national land audit

By Staff Reporter

Government has embarked on the third and final phase of the national land audit with revelations that the commission has resolved at least 3 000 disputes.

The third and final phase of the land audit which includes an analysis of land allocation data and distribution is now underway.

Zimbabwe Lands Commission chairperson Tendai Bare gave an update to delegates and farmers who attended an awards ceremony held in Harare recently.

“We are now starting the third and final phase of the land audit. My colleagues will be deployed to undertake the last audit where we will be auditing 300 000 farms.”

The commission has also resolved three thousand land disputes out of the reported five thousand cases.

“To date we have resolved nearly three thousand land diaoutes.We had a backlog of five thousand disputes primarily on boundaries,” Bare said.

The national land audit exercise seeks to address issues such as multiple land ownership and double allocation of farms while also informing Government on Agricultural policy direction.


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