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Mabvuku 24-hour Pacific Hospital Doctor Michael Mandaza speaks-out.

By Takunda Makina

A few weeks ago, Dr Michael Mandaza of Pacific 24hr Hospital made headlines after he was allegedly involved in the fabrication of laboratory results.

Certain former expelled employees who were once close to Dr Mandaza are alleged to have made allegations about him to several authorities which include Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and Health Professions Authority (HPA) leading to a raid of the Hospital premises while he was in the middle of serving patients.

His house was also searched by the officials. Files, computers, and gadgets were taken by ZACC officials.

Dr Mandaza was subsequently arrested and detained for a few days.

BusinessMail reporter,  Takunda Makina (TM) caught up with Dr Mandaza (DM) to hear his side of the story.

TM: Who is Dr Mandaza?

DM: As you can tell, I am just a simple man with blessed to have attained a degree in medicine. I value life and as per my Hippocratic Oath, I have pledged to preserve life and improve the standard of living of the clients that come to me. I am a law-abiding citizen, with the highest regard for human life which is why I chose to be a medical doctor. In terms of my medical skills, I am good, I know my work, I know my skills are good and my relationship with my clients is good. I love my patients; they love me and my bond with my clients is good and unshakable.

TM: Do you accept the charges levelled against you?

DM: It is a matter of public record that I do not accept these charges levelled against me. It is my prayer that the truth will come out and I shall be exonerated. I am sure you understand that at law I am not at liberty to discuss matters which they say are sub judice, that is matters that are before the courts of law. Let us respect the legal process and allow the law to take its course unhindered. Truth is stubborn and I am sure that I shall be vindicated.

TM: What is your comment regarding the allegations of fabricating lab tests?

DM:  As I have mentioned before, I am not really allowed by the law to fully discuss matters that are before the courts, all I can tell you is that there were no fabricated lab results. All lab tests were accurate and true. Let’s allow the truth to be established and I can assure you that I trust in the justice system we have in this nation. Thank you for your understanding and patience. I hope to one day freely reveal all what I have found out so far but sadly, I cannot do so at present.

TM: Can you describe your arrest process?

DM: I appreciate that as a publication you would want to know intimate details on this issue but please understand what I have said before, the matter is before the courts and hence I cannot be found to be in contempt to the court. All I can say is The ZACC team came together with HPA and Zimra, they came into my office, and they were many. They searched around hospital and my home.

TM : Do you regret the arrest?

DM: Of course, no one plans to be arrested! I however believe it is all God’s plan, when Judas Iscariot betrayed/kissed Jesus, Jesus was then promoted into becoming the king of kings, likewise my betrayal by my close enemy is a blessing in disguise as this will elevate me when I prove my innocence.

TM: How has the hospital (Pacific 24hr Hospital) fared in your absence?

DM: The hospital has been doing very well clientele wise despite my absence, clientele has increased. All procedures are being done at the hospital including operations, deliveries, admissions are going very smoothly. Specialists are coming and doing their procedures. The hospital was not closed and is in full operation mode. I would like to set the record straight and assure the public the Pacific 24hr hospital is a company on its own. It is independent from Dr Michael Mandaza, functionality and the running of the hospital is independent of DR Michael Mandaza. Pacific 24hr Hospital has been there and will continue to be there. It is an institution trusted by many, and with good reason.

TM: Who do you think would fabricate these false claims?

DM: I would love to reveal all here, but I am not able. So, while I say yes, I do. In as much as it pains me to know that someone who was once so close to me would turn around and betray me spreading lies in that manner, I want them to know that I forgive them and am at peace while I wait for the conclusion of the matter.

TM: What is your comment about Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) conduct?

DM: ZACC is a very competent and constitutionally enacted body mandated to fight all forms of corruption within Zimbabwe. I applaud them for their stance in fighting corruption and in my case, I am sure they are doing their job effectively and will get to the bottom of the matter.

TM: What message do you have to all your clients who have trusted you all the years that you have been in the medical profession?

DM: I would like to thank all my clients and followers here at home in Zimbabwe and in the diaspora who have supported me all these years and who have continued to support me even during my darkest hour. Even with these malicious allegations they still trust in me and continue to come or send their relatives to the hospital for our services. I would like to say to them I love you all and I will continue to fight for your health as I pledged in my Hippocratic Oath. My bond with my clients is unshakable, my skills, my work, my quality and performance is a gift I received from God. Many people have turned to us and have been helped over the years. I will remain steadfast in delivering quality medical service as I have always done in the past. This is unquestionable.

TM: What message do you take away from this experience?

DM: What does not kill you only makes you stronger. I take comfort in the truth and wait for the time the courts will bring finality and conclusion to this matter. I come away not bitter but even more resolved to serve present and future clients even better, to let my work speak for itself as it has spoken over the years.

TM: What is your closing message?

DM: Special thanks to the journalists for giving me the opportunity to tell my side of the story. As a doctor, I intend to continue providing my services to the best of my abilities within the confines of the laws of our beloved motherland, and in the most professional manner as I have done in the past and will continue to improve. God has used me to save thousands and thousands of lives, and I fully intend to continue as long as the Lord gives me the opportunity to do so. Once again thank you to my mentors, clients, followers and those who have always stood by my side.

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