ROAZ hails relaxed lockdown measures

The Restaurant Operators’ Association  of Zimbabwe (ROAZ) has welcomed the decision by the authorities to allow sit-down dining at restaurants.

This will provide much-needed relief to restaurateurs, who have been in state of closure or partial operation for the past 17 months.

The president of the Restaurant Operators’ Association of Zimbabwe, Bongai Zamchiya said, it is a welcome first step towards normalization.

“We also thank our partners during the lobbying effort aimed at obtaining reopening.

“Restaurateurs have been at the forefront of support for the national fight against Covid-19 and ROAZ has recently helped bring the rate of vaccination among staff in member restaurants to its current rate of 94 percent by a planned set of co-ordinated mass vaccination events,” Zamchiya said.

He emphasized on the association’s  objective to safe, sensible dining at all times, providing the correct balance between implementation of suitable regulations and facilitating the provision of dining services to customers.

“The reopening will also be welcomed by the hundreds of businesses that supply goods and services to the restaurant industry, including a large number of small to medium enterprises in agriculture, manufacturing and the service sector,” he said.

The sectors were severely challenged by the recent status of minimal restaurant operations.

“The period of closure to sit-down dining has been a massive threat to the restaurant industry, which has experienced closure of businesses, job losses and evictions from leased premises.

“Many operators have used personal funds to keep people employed and businesses open and I pay tribute to them,” he added.

ROAZ has reaffirmed it’s commitment to continue working with its partners to advocate for a steady and safe return to full operation and to avoid any further periods of closure.

“We also call on customers to renew their support for restaurants and we hope they take the opportunity to enjoy the quality and diversity of offerings available from Zimbabwe’s restaurants,” he said.


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