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Teachers unmoved by government’s new policy

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has reiterated government’s move to suspend teachers by employing the no-work-no pay policy by directly generating the no pay no work.

Unions representing teachers amongst them PTUZ had encouraged teachers to resort in reporting to work two days a week after they had rejected 25% salary increment which came in effect this month with teachers demanding that government revert to the pre-October salary range of US$500 to US$550.

President of PTUZ Dr Takavafira Zhou said they will continue to uphold their long held view that incapacitated teachers do not eat threats and threats will never substitute dialogue.

“At any rate action and reaction are equal and opposite. Such a zero-sum strategy is not only ill-conceived but illusory and unproductive.

“As PTUZ, we therefore appeal to government to put reason before choler, we remain ready for meaningful dialogue and capacitation, will dig deep our trenches of incapacitation and  build a critical force of resistance under  Federation of Zimbabwe Educators Unions (FOZEU).” Zhou said.

Zhou is confident that the recruitment of teachers to abide by this progressive modus operandi, can achieve and win legitimate battle for a living wage within a week.

“Sadly, there are some colleagues who entrench our poverty by salivating at incentives and extortion of students and parents, let alone entrench teachers’ indebtedness by borrowing in order to get to work,” Zhou said.



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