Local - October 16, 2020

ZTA eyes growth after a heavy blow from COVID-19

ZIMBABWE Tourism Authority (ZTA) is expecting to grow from domestic markets, regional markets and international markets following the authority’s three phase recovery strategy.
The tourism sector is one of the sectors that was affected by the lockdown restrictions during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which greatly affected tourism sector worldwide.
This week President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched the Visit Zimbabwe Promotion Campaign which seeks open up the sports and tourism sectors to market the country as a tourist destination.
In an interview with ZTA spokesperson Godfrey Koti told the publication that they are expecting to grow the sector using their three phase recovery strategy.
“ZTA is expecting to grow domestic market, regional market and international market following the authority’s three phase recovery strategy,” Koti said.
“We are hoping to grow tourism from a regional perspective, international perspective and domestic perspective”, He said.
Koti said the government has set aside a budget of about 20 million towards the development of the tourism sector.
The government recently announced the resuming of the sector which suffered a total closure due to the World Health Organization (WHO) regulations

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