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APSD eighth edition, acknowledging the worth of public servants in communities

Zimbabwe is hosting the eighth Africa Public Service Day (APSD) commemorations in Victoria Falls and the event is aimed at recognizing the value and virtue of civil servants continentally.

The continental Africa Public Service Day is a platform to reflect and share practical recommendations pertaining empowerment in the public service. The day originated from the 1st Pan African Conference of Ministers of Public Service and Administration that was held in Tangier, Morocco in 1994.

APSD celebrations will be held from 21 to 23 June under the theme “Building the Africa We Want through embracing an ethical culture that underpins purpose driven leadership in the context of a crisis”.

Addressing delegates at the official opening of the APSD, Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Professor Paul Mavima said the objective of the day is to unite and commit African countries to the ethos and practice of good governance in the delivery of services to the African population.

“Africa Public Service Day was adopted at Pan-African Ministers Conference held in Stellenbosch, South Africa in May 2003 and the African Union placed the Africa Public Service Day as a key event on its calendar.

“The main purpose of the Day is to appreciate and recognize the work by public servants in the discharge of their duties to the communities they serve as well as their contribution to national development and ultimately the prosperity of the African people,” Professor Mavima said.

The programme is strategic as it facilitates public servants in Africa to interrogate as well as reflect on the functions of the public service and how to make them more effective, efficient and representative.

Professor Mavima highlighted that African Governments have a fundamental role to honour the public service workers by recognizing and rewarding their performance especially in the wake of the deadly pandemic, COVID-19.

“We should make sure that, in the discharge of their duties, public servants should be sufficiently remunerated and provided with proper tools to make them effective and protected from job related risks.

“The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic further exacerbated the workplace challenges, which, unfortunately, saw some of our frontline workers losing their lives,” Professor Mavima said.

The Africa Public Service Day is anchored within the African Union Agenda 2063 which is the continent’s master plan of transforming Africa into a global power house.

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