Cimas introduces new Nostro medical aid packages

By Falton Zveushe

HARARE – Cimas Medical Aid Society has introduced three new foreign currency medical aid packages, intended to give those able to pay for medical aid from a domestic Nostro account access to healthcare services with a minimal shortfall or none at all.

Membership contributions for the three new packages, dubbed Secure Packages will be paid from the member’s local Nostro account. Claims will likewise be settled by payment into domestic Nostro accounts.

The three new packages are Secure Essential, an entry-level Nostro package giving access to Group B private hospitals up to the benefit limit, Secure Private, targeted at middle-tier managers, providing access to Group A private hospitals up to the benefit limit, and Secure Premium, a uniquely designed premium healthcare package suitable for successful business executives and entrepreneurs, covering private hospital access up to Group A hospitals.

The new packages bring to 13 the number of Cima’s medical aid packages available. Cimas already offers three Healthguard International foreign currency packages which provide access to hospitals anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Zimbabwe, and India.

There are also four standard packages and three comprehensive packages, all of which provide for membership contributions and benefits in Zimbabwe dollars.

Cimas Medical Aid Managing Director Martin Mushambadope said the new packages are intended to give members a wider choice when it comes to their healthcare requirements.

These new packages are local Nostro packages aimed at members with access to domestic Nostro funds. Claims settlement will be through domestic Nostro accounts.

The packages give access to both private and public healthcare institutions subject to the annual global limits and sub-limits applicable to the different packages, he said.

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