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Ecocash to review transactional charges by 10%

Zimbabwe’s largest mobile money service provider, Ecocash has announced that it will review transactional charges by 10% next month.

The company said that it will review charges effective September 19, 2021 after getting the greenlight from the regulatory authorities.

The price schedule that the company published on its website has shown that subscribers will begin paying an extra of ZW$1,37 for sending ZW$100 to another registered customer from the previous ZW$8.01.

Also, consumers buying ZESA tokens using Ecocash or paying for valued goods at ZW$100 will pay an additional of ZW$1.24 and ZW$1.20 from the previous ZW$7.76 and ZW$7.71, respectively.

The schedule further revealed that there will be no additional charges on transactions above ZW$3 000 and users will continue to pay 1.91% for sending money and 1.85% for making bill and merchant payments.

However, subscribers will now be required to part with ZW$18.37 more when transferring amounts between ZW$2 000 and ZW$2 499.

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