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eMkambo applauds govt agricultural programs

FARMERS applauded the newly introduced agricultural programs which resulted in high increase production in the farming sector, the government introduced the Pfumvudza Farming Scheme and allows farmers to import seeds from other neighboring countries, Business Mail has learned.

The government is trying to revive the agricultural sector which has been affected by natural disasters.

In an interview with eMkambo chairperson Collins Nherera at the recently held Zimbabwe Agricultural Show with the theme,”Synergies for growth_ cooperate, collaborate,complement” said the second republic has paved a brighter future for farmers.

eMKambo is a knowledge broker in agriculture and rural development under a social enterprise called Knowledge Transfer Africa Private Limited that has been working in agricultural markets for more than a decade.

“The second republic’s thrust of drilling boreholes and resuscitation of irrigation schemes has resulted in a high increase in production,” he said.

“The government came in with another approach to allow seeds to be imported from other countries like South Africa and this has improved the productivity in agriculture.

“When the government allows us to import potatoes seeds from South Africa, we started using new high performing varieties unlike our local traditional varieties,” Nheera said.

The government has recently launched the Pfumvudza Farming scheme.

Pfumvudza involves the utilization of small pieces of land and applying the correct agronomic practices for higher returns.

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