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Every Business Guru Hails From Humble Beginnings

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THE BIG FISH of Business we see worldwide all started their success journey from humble beginnings, very small and with little or no societal recognition.

Every success story has a rough past, drama-filled and unbelievable beginning, path, and experience. Making it to the bar of greatness in life requires patience, endurance, diligence, and commitment.

Success comes at a cost, Philip Chiyangwa at some point in life was a vegetable vendor but today he stands as an astute politician, a successful businessman, one of the top 50 rich people in Zimbabwe. Chiyangwa did not just start big he invested and worked tirelessly to get where he is today.

If there is one thing people do not want to go through when it comes to achieving or getting successful is that agonizing process of facing reality. This includes disappointments, losses, and miscalculations until reaching the mark.

Throughout the last decade, more capital has been flowing into places like Africa like never before. In 2015, the continent received up to $276.5 million in startup funding. What has been the main challenges is that most people who aspire to be entrepreneurs do not know where to look for capital once they are denied access to loans by banks or sponsors because of a lack of collateral.

The now-famous Nigeria’s Iroko TV cofounded by Jason Nkoku came out after several failed attempts for Nkoku to do business in the United Kingdom.

He then was successful in building Iroko TV after engaging with other people and today IrokoTv has grown remarkably to be part of Dstv.A lesson to learn from Nkoku’s story is that one can always grow within their means and space; it is not all about going beyond your capabilities by identifying opportunities close to you.

Another important thing to learn from successful entrepreneurs is the mindset and attitude they have towards their vision, whom they share it with, and how to stand to surpass all that comes their way.

The ‘Celebrity Pig Farmer’, AnnahPhosa from South Africa stands as one of the most successful pig farmers in Africa. Her rise came after she signed a contract with Pick n Pay , before that she had gone through a financial struggle to raise capital for her pig farm.

Establishing long-lasting relationships, knowing the right people to take your business initiative to, persevering, saving, and helps you build your future empire and transform you from where you stand today. This is achievable as long as you understand that prosperity and success start small.

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