GMB launches an e-wallet facility

Leading grain trade and marketing company in Zimbabwe, The Grain Marketing Board (GMB), has introduced an e-wallet facility for farmers to use when making transactions to make their business easier.

Zimbabwe is anticipating a bumper harvest this year and the GMB has been working to improve facilities for farmers and farming products. Recently, GMB announced it’s efforts to increase storage facilities which includes silos.

Speaking to a local publication, GMB Chief Executive Officer, Rocky Mutema said through this e-learning facility, Zimbabwean farmers will now have the convenience of transacting using the GMB e-wallet card which is linked to Zimswitch.

“What will happen is that we load money into that card. The farmer can use that card to go and transact. He can go to a supermarket and by his goods using that card. He can go to Farm and City or any input supply and buy using that card.

“The advantage of the card is that unlike bank-to-bank, where there is a time lapse between transactions from one bank to another bank, whereas with this one we load money into the e-wallet, immediately, without any loss of time, the farmer is able to transact,” he said.

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