Business - Featured - Local - April 20, 2021

Gweru city park has started collecting revenue

Tendai Bhebe (Bulawayo Correspondent)

The company recently engaged by the Gweru City Council to run its parking revenue division, City Park, has commenced the takeover process from the local authority.

Fransis Mandaza Public relations manager for city parking Harare told BusinessMail that said the company started collecting revenue on Friday.

“Gweru city parking yes it has started operating as you may be aware Gweru city council handed over the parking management mandate to Gweru city parking effective the first of April 2021.We started by baymarking road marking project which was successful and is complete. And in terms of parking fees collection we started on Friday, ” he said.

Mandaza said the Gweru City park will bring in new technology in the parking system.

There are various developments we marked the parkingbay and roads in the CBD. The manual system which was used by the Gweru City Council and now we have changed we are using an ICT driven system which means now transactions are automated . When you park around the Gweru CBD you are given a machine printed receipt instead of those manual receipt books that they were issuing . So that we can easily monitor and supervise parking transactions even from the decades. We have brought in convinience to Gweru motorists because we have deployed customer Marshalls who are ready to serve them so they won’t waste time looking for Marshalls to serve them, well trained staff.

He added :”Still on the same note of convenience we have introduced self service payment platform in the form Park assist mobile app and USSD park assist, those are the payment platforms that motorists are going to be using in Gweru and that brings convenience because the motorists are now able to pay for parking on their own without needing assistance from the marshalls which I think is a major development because now you don’t have waste time looking for Marshalls.”

He said five minutes before expiry the park assist platform alerts you that your ticket is about to expire and you can topup from where ever you are.
He said Gweru City Park will do away with old and manual system which authorizes say has been unprofitable.

“I think major contributions that we bring in to local authorities is effeciency as you may be aware that many urban authorities that are managing parking on their own are actually running at a loss and they are having to subsidies the parking account with the rest account which means that perhaps they will end up having to pay salaries for parking employees, using water or any other fees so that they can subsidies a loss making parking account we are saying we bring in convenience and we can partner local authorities to improve on efficiency and credibility and also provide a revenue source for council, “he said.

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