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HUAWEI casts its net deeper into untapped pool of users

Mobile services guru Huawei Mobile Services has announced the expansion of its advertising business into overseas markets including the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan region.

Huawei Ads is a supply-side and demand side, real-time advertising marketplace through which media companies transact ad impressions with accountability, using programmatic technology, and includes a monetization tool for application publishers.

BusinessMail has learnt through Huawei Mobile Services issued statement that the beta version of the service is currently available for advertisers, media buying agencies and application publishers.

“Now, advertisers can reach an untapped pool of users these include users of Huawei devices, third party apps, and HUAWEI AppGallery and this will empower both publishers and advertisers to have exclusive access to a larger market share that has never been tapped before,” read the statement.

Adam Xiao, managing director of Huawei Mobile Services in the Middle East and Africa is positive that the proprietary ad exchange will increase the entity’s revenue through returns on advertising.

“Advertisers are focused on how better to promote their own brands by harnessing the potential of programmatic technology, which enables them to be more visible as they target their preferred audiences and customers more effectively.

“Our clients across both domains are looking for a one-stop-shop tool to support them in achieving their strategic goals,” said Xiao.

Across its wider ecosystem, which alongside its core phone user base, includes users of smart televisions, tablets, personal computers and a range of internet of things.

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