Featured - Mining - February 18, 2021

YMF optimistic about the future of Zim’s mining sector

THE Young Miners Foundation (YMF) is positive about the performance of the country’s mining sector, aligned with Vision 2030 of the National Development Strategy 1 of being a Prosperous Upper Middle Income Nation.

YMF was founded in 2010 and as a Trust organisation it aims to reassure and advance youth participation in more preset mining operations.

Speaking at the second edition of the YMF Leadership and Mentorship Session that took place virtually in February 2021 YMF CEO, Payne Kupfuwa, said they are assertive that by 2023 YMF will achieve a $12 Billion Mining Economy which resonates the country’s vision 2030.

Zimbabwe is rich in natural resources with known occurrences of over 40 minerals; primarily gold, nickel and copper among others.

Head Gemmologist and Lapidary Silk road (Afganistan), Engineer Clive Sithole, also spoke at the at the YMF leadership session and indicated that the mining sector of Zimbabwe is set to grow and hence young miners have to position themselves and normalize operations amidst the pandemic.
He also emphasized on that young miners need to collaborate and practice resource pooling since most markets are inhibited due to the pandemic.

“Resource pooling will actually help young miners to boost their production, have stock on the ground for example chrome hence it is important to accumulate the product on the ground ready for the market”,Sithole added.

Sithole urged young miners to collaborate and pull together finances to meet the government and bank requirements so as to acquire mining titles which will enable them to venture into the mining business easily.

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