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ZDAMWU fights gender imbalances in workplaces

THE Zimbabwe Diamond Allied and Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU) has shown commitment in addressing the issues of gender imbalances including lobbying through our local Labour Centre the Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Union (ZFTU).

This commitment shows after it has been noted that all the unions do not have gender policies as espoused by the Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190).

ZDAMWU General Secretary Justice Chinhema has been having follow-up meetings of the recently availed gender audit by international Labour unions.

Chinhema said ZDAMWU as a union is seized with the matter of lobbying the government to sign the convention, unions, therefore, need to campaign and push the government to sign it then domesticate it to become part of our statutes.

“Currently we are also the only ZFTU affiliate that is also affiliated to global Switzerland-based labour union Industrial.

“The current conversation seeks to eradicate violence and harassment in the world of work. In the coming 2021 year, we shall be taking this to our members across the country as a matter of priority and we shall push our members to campaign in support of convention 190,” Chinhema said.

Chinhema further added that he attended gender issues consultative meetings to show how serious ZDAMWU is with gender issues.

“I was just showing our members that we need to take the Gender issues seriously, we also need to stop sexual violence and harassment in the world of work. Issues of sexual violence and harassment are currently rampant and unreported in the Mining Industry,” he said.

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