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Netone adopts e-solutions for easy airtime top-up

State-owned telecommunications giant Netone launched an electronic airtime top-up service as a measure to alleviate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Nyaradzai Shoko the Netone Acting Chief Commercial Officer announced the development on Sunday at the Zone One Dealer Appreciation Cocktail.

The virtual airtime platform will be using USSD code *519#.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the answer to that question is *519#. This is a platform that allows you to sell or buy airtime from wherever you are. Imagine being able to access a limitless supply of airtime for sale,” said Mr. Shoko.

Last week Netone announced the same innovative idea in Bulawayo at a cocktail event, Elmah Dube a senior Netone executive said, “In line with technology advancement, Netone recently introduce the electronic top-up (E-top Up).

“It is an electronic airtime distribution service that allows our stakeholders to buy and distribute airtime virtually.”

“We also ensured that there are no charges when sending float airtime to other dealers or vendors, what is sent is what is received and sold. We have already created a support network to ensure that the transactions are flawless and we will continue to improve the platform in line with any other suggestions from key stakeholders,” she said.


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