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TelOne introduces data rollover

Zimbabwe’s largest Internet Service Provider (ISP), Telone has introduced data rollover method on which unused data roll over from one month to the next month.

TelOne is among an affordable ISP whose business is connecting people and businesses together. Before the data rollover, Telone users used to lose data and this meant paying for lots of data even if one won’t use it.

In 2019, Zimbabwean ISP ZOL allowed data rollover with effect from August 2019, a move that was expected to be replicated by other data service providers and ISPs as the country remains gripped by ongoing data outages.

TelOne announced to its customers about the data rollover in a tweet which said,
“Introducing Data Rollover! Now you can utilize your unused data balance in the next month. Terms and Conditions apply.”

In the announcement about the data rollover, TelOne also seems to have introduced a new 100GB Home Surfer data package band between the 60GB Home Premier and the 120GB Home Night. There is a new 100 GB Home Surfer package.

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