Business - Featured - December 7, 2020

Wholesalers, retailers promote local products

Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) last week awarded wholesalers and retailers accolades for their contribution in the sector during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Wholesalers and retailers have been promoting local products since the outbreak of the coronavirus, supporting the Buy Zimbabwe campaign.

The Buy Zimbabwe campaign was launched in 2011 to encourage and promote the buying of local products.

CZR president Denford Mutashu applauds the strides made by retailers and wholesalers in the promotion of Buy Zimbabwe products amidst the ravaging effects of COVID-19.

“The wholesalers and retailers have made great efforts in promoting the selling of local products through the Buy Zimbabwe campaign,” Mutashu said.

“COVID-19 pandemic ensured that the country’s economy looked inwards and should always be self-sustaining whilst reducing over dependency from beyond borders.

“Apparently more than 65% of the goods that are in shops are locally produced resulting in an increase in shelves space occupied by local products during the lockdown,” he said.

The current stability of macro-economic fundamentals accrued to the exchange rate stability has made retail and wholesale businesses sustainable.

“The consistency in supply has been received as sweet news by the general members of the public, in this regard manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers are geared up to ensure that goods and services will be in abundance and at affordable prices during this festive season,” Mutashu said.


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