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ZSE announces listing, documentation fees for year 2021

THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has released the annual listing and document inspection fees excluding taxes for the year 2021 valued at 0.05%.

Initial Listing fees in local currency have been pegged at a minimum fee of $450,000 and the maximum fee of $4,500.

According to a ZSE statement, the monetary value of securities has several determinants that include the number of securities for which application for listing is made multiplied by the price per security.

In respect of the capitalisation issue, where no market-related price is not attributable to the securities to be listed, there will be deemed to have a value calculated by multiplying the number of securities listed by the closing price on the declaration date.

ZSE also issued debt listing fees where listing is done through a number of tranches, the first 20 tranches issued under a programme in a year will be billed at $20 000 per tranche. The next twenty tranches will be billed at $10 000 per tranche and all tranches in excess of 40 under a programme in a year will be billed $5 000 per tranche.

Annual listing fees excluding Value Added Tax for debt securities will be charged at 0.00125% of the outstanding amount subject to a minimum listing fee of $40,000 and a maximum of $600,000.

Rulings and penalty fees, document review fees, ratings and penalty fees have been set in foreign currency (US$)and the fees are payable in the official exchange rate.

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