LTAZ steps up on giving back to the community

Liquor Traders Association of Zimbabwe (LTAZ) has scaled up its effort in giving back to the community through client empowerment, participation of liquor stakeholders, mental health and rehabilitation as well as promotion of a productive nation.

Liquor Traders Association of Zimbabwe is a non-profit organization established to inspire the liquor industry to take action toward protecting and educating Zimbabweans.

In an interview with BusinessMail, LTAZ Operations Manager Tinotenda Chiwara has partnered with Ministry of Health and Child Care and Clean City because they believe that the conditions of a certain place have an effect to the mental health to the people in the society.

“We have partnered with the Ministry of Health and we are aiming to provide mental rehabilitation programs to raise awareness on how people can be able to ensure that they are responsible for their mental wellness we want to foster a human centred approach from our players as Ltaz,” Chiwara said.

In an effort to go green and improve the environment, the Association has collaborated with Clean City and have been partaking in recycling bottles and cans.

He also said that the organisation’s mandate is to educate people and give information on how to safely use liquor and substances hence ensuring client empowerment and safety.

“We are on a drive to raise awareness amongst bartenders, waiters and waitresses working for our members by educating with issues to do with drinking limits as a way of protecting their customers.

“In terms of the information they can be able to give to clients we have figured that because of the relationship that they develop with clients usually because they tend to know what their clients will be going through in their various relationships thus, the bartenders are actively playing a part in being able to able to assist a person in their difficult times,” he said.

Under client empowerment, LTAZ is trying to educate people and give information on how to safely use liquor and substances and they are embarking on show me your identity card campaign so as to discourage underage drinking.

“We are encouraging all liquor players to be able to participate through membership drive, registering new members and also supporting our existing members to keep participating as well as encouraging them to abide with the Liquor Act,” he said.









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