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Decentralise in the fight against COVID-19: Chigumbu

Budiriro residents have joined with non-governmental organisations, other stakeholders in decentralising and combating the fight against the deadly pandemic COVID-19.

The country is facing the second wave of coronavirus which is claiming lives at an alarming rate.

Budiriro came up with a group of young energetic youths, Budiriro COVID-19 taskforce to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to BusinessMail, the Co-ordinator of Budiriro COVID-19 taskforce  Darlington Chigumbu said the groups consist of members who have been fully equipped with knowledge on how to educate Budiriro residents on the effects of coronavirus and to fight the pandemic.

The group was introduced in March 2020 as a means to help people deal with the unprecedented effects of COVID-19.

“13 members of my team were trained by Dr. Erin Collins and they are now equipped to be trainers and educators in the community pertaining COVID-19, the team also comprises our local Member of Parliament, Costa Machingauta and councilors,” Chigumbu said.

“Through the assistance of our Member of the Parliament, we have managed to create a database of families that were hard hit by the effects of lockdown and we are mobilising resources such as food items to help them especially with the recently introduced 30 days of strict lockdown,” Chigumbu said.

Budiriro Member of Parliament Costa Machingauta confirmed with the publication that they have established a database of people affected by the pandemic compiled by the taskforce.

“We presented the database to the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare but nothing was availed,” Machingauta said.

Owing to the insurgence of a deadlier wave of COVID-19, the taskforce is yet to regroup its members.

Since Budiriro is at the receiving end of Harare water blues, one of the key mandates of the taskforce is disinfecting alternative water points and they collaborated with Water Alliance to address that situation.

National co-ordinator of Water Alliance, Hardlife Mudzingwa said, they partnered with local stakeholders that include district, Harare water officials and Zimbabwe Republic Police in sensitising communities through what they call “Hurukuro pastime,” and they have reached around 50% in terms of sensitisation and awareness of residents who frequently visits public points.

“In terms of preparation we have trained water point committees on Covid-19 prevention protocols, the reason why we are targeting water points is that people are congesting public water points which are boreholes because the current water production in the city is failing to meet daily demands.

“Waterpoint communities ensure that there is the adherence of COVID-19 regulations that include social distancing, washing of hands and wearing of masks at least 70% of the water points have handwashing points courtesy of Non-governmental organisations such as Oxfam and  UNICEF,” Mudzingwa said.

Mudzingwa also highlighted the challenges they are encountering in their move to curb the pandemic and its effects on the community.

“We are still lagging when it comes to informal markets, we have not done enough in terms of upgrading the infrastructures that promote COVID-19 regulations.

“Our partners are coming on board to address the issue which includes Oxfam since it has a strong interest in the upgrading of public markets to ensure that there is compliance in terms in terms of COVID-19  prevention protocols,” Mudzingwa said.

Water Alliance is hoping to engage its fund partners so that it can escalate its interventions in other areas like Mabvuku, Tafara, Glenview and Dzivaasekwa since the second wave of Covid-19 is proving to be more deadly than the previous wave.

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