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ZIMRA automates issuance of tax clearance certificates

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has automated the tax clearance certificate issuing process as taxpayers will now get them via e-mail.

ZIMRA, is a parastatal responsible for collecting taxes and other revenue streams for the government in Zimbabwe. It derives its mandate from the Revenue Authority Act among other related legislation.

This development follows complaints from ZIMRA clients who have been experiencing challenges in accessing (ITF 263) tax clearances on the company’s e-services platform.

In a statement, ZIMRA advised taxpayers who are compliant in payments, submission of Tax Returns and all Fiscalisation Requirements that they can access valid Tax Clearance Certificates (ITF263) for 2021 via email with effect from 1st of March 2021.

“There is no longer a need to apply for valid Tax Clearance Certificates (ITF263) on ZIMRA portal, ZIMRA has now automated the process.Taxpayers will automatically receive valid Tax Clearance Certificates (ITF263) only through the email address registered with ZIMRA. Update of email addresses may be done through the ZIMRA e-service portal,” reads the statement.

To guarantee smooth access to Tax Clearance Certificate (ITF263), ZIMRA advised registered operators to update Master Data information such as E-Mail Address, Telephone Number, Bank Accounts, and Industry Class2.

“Be up to date with the submission of Tax Returns and Tax Payments.3. Fully Fiscalise and Interface all registered fiscal devices with ZIMRA server through your device supplier for those who are Value Add. Tax (VAT) registered,” ZIMRA said.

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