Environmental - Featured - Top Stories - March 23, 2021

World Vision urges government to protect water infrastructures

Globally, March 22 is acknowledged as World Water Day and World Vision Zimbabwe celebrated the day under the theme, “Valuing Water in its Multiple Uses.”

Basically, the idea of celebrating this day is to raise awareness as well as to support the achievement of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 which aims at providing water for everyone by 2030.

In a statement, World Vision Zimbabwe noted that the region has seen a sharp increase in the frequency of floods and that often destroy water points, sanitation facilities and contaminate water sources.

This development has led to high incidences of water related health challenges especially among children and women who are the most vulnerable.

“it is therefore imperative for government and development partners to protect water infrastructures by adopting climate resilient approaches that ensure sustainability of water systems and these interventions are critical for the entire region,” read the statement.

World Vision has worked in the country for over 45 years implementing development and humanitarian assistance in strategic sectors and strengthening livelihoods among poor households.

It is the second largest provider of clean water in the region, after governments.

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